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In 1983, AutoCAD was released for the Apple II. In 1984, it was released for the IBM PC. In 1985, the IBM PC version was released in a unique version for IBM PC with serial port access. In the 1980s and 1990s, CAD software was usually run on mainframe or minicomputers with built-in graphics terminals.

In the mid-1980s, architectural CAD began to emerge as an independent field. The largest and most influential architectural CAD program at that time was Metrologic’s ArchCAD. A development version of ArchCAD ran on the IBM PC. Architectural CAD software programs drew on software design techniques of the 1970s. An example of this is that the commands used for drawing a building on architectural CAD software programs were often similar to the commands used in earlier CAD programs, such as AutoCAD. These programs used different design techniques, and their design tools were more powerful than those of AutoCAD. However, by the late 1980s, these architectural CAD software programs had a very limited user base and were difficult to use. This reduced demand for the software, and after the mid-1990s, architectural CAD programs stopped being developed.

Later in the 1990s, CAD software became more popular, and two companies emerged that were the pioneers of CAD programs: CadSoft and DGN. At that time, CAD software programs were much smaller than they are today. Examples of CAD software programs from this period include Adobe Cacoon, DGN, and MiniCAD.

Starting around 2000, CAD programs began to go through a period of rapid evolution. The previously simple and robust software programs of the 1990s were being replaced by highly sophisticated programs, which were capable of producing highly accurate, but also more complex, designs. In the period of this rapid evolution, many CAD programs were available.

In 2001, Autodesk released the first software program that allowed users to easily share, exchange, and view CAD data across a network. This feature was added to several software programs in 2002.

In early 2005, Autodesk introduced the concept of the cloud-based program. These programs were designed to run on the Internet, and Autodesk began to support this concept by publishing source code. The first program to use this concept was AutoCAD LT, which was developed in Australia and was quickly adopted by many companies.

Today, Autodesk offers two programs: AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD WS.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Import and markup:

Import a file, click to select, and mark text or lines with your mouse. (video: 3:15 min.)

Display graphics, statistics, and markup on drawings. (video: 3:10 min.)

Markup assist:

Replace the need for additional layers with intelligent tagging that allows you to see relevant information at a glance. Work with text, line styles, and colors and apply automatic tag styles to any text you create. (video: 1:18 min.)


Apply any text styling or line style to any text in your drawing, even non-layer text. Choose from thousands of colors and apply any style to any object. (video: 1:31 min.)

Automatic graphic insertion:

Insert and reference graphics into your drawings with a single click. Create references and insert nearly any object you need in one step. (video: 2:29 min.)

Automatic text insertion:

Inserting text and drawing objects in the same step. Layers and groups can be activated and deactivated to make all changes viewable. (video: 1:21 min.)

Mouse-enabled drawings:

AutoCAD 2023 for Windows lets you continue to work with your mouse and you will always have access to the last-used zoom level. (video: 1:20 min.)

Version Control:

Version Control in Autodesk® AutoCAD® Architecture, Design and Construction:

Optimize your AutoCAD Architecture drawings with powerful version control that lets you version drawings and model levels, and keep a history of all your previous versions. (video: 1:32 min.)

This article was initially posted on May 4th, 2016.

Version 2023 (July 2016) is based on AutoCAD Architecture 2016 and is free to download and use for 30 days.

AutoCAD version 2023 contains the following new features and improvements (see also the overview of AutoCAD 2023).

Markup Assist

The new Markup Assist feature makes editing drawings easier than ever. It automates some of the common tasks that make designing and editing drawings a laborious process.

Important: AutoCAD 2023 requires AutoCAD Architecture 2016 and is available only for Windows.

Adding Text or Lines

You can quickly add text or lines by using

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

A steady Internet connection
A 64-bit processor, operating system, and 2 GB of RAM (8 GB of RAM recommended)
DirectX 11
16 GB available storage space
A feature phone or smartphone with Internet access
HDMI output: at least 720p resolution and 60 frames per second
Compatible controller (available for purchase)
How to play the game
Download the game, right-click the downloaded file, and choose “Install Game”, “Play.”
iOS and Android