SOLIDWORKS 2020 Installation Guide – ELECTRICAL

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Installation Guide – ELECTRICAL



Serial Solidworks Electrical

If you have a separate serial number, then you will not need to enter the SOLIDWORKS Basic serial number in this dialog box. If not, you will need to enter the basic serial number in this dialog box .

Enter your serial number
serial solidworks electrical

Does SOLIDWORKS release notes include the serial number? Yes

Does SOLIDWORKS release notes include the serial number?

If you don’t have the serial number for the SOLIDWORKS Installation you have an option to have it sent by SOLIDWORKS Customer Experience when the appropriate license key is submitted. Please contact SOLIDWORKS Customer Experience for more details.
SOLIDWORKS Customer Experience

You can contact SOLIDWORKS Customer Experience in the following ways:

Telephone: 800-SOLIDWORKS (800-737-5623)
Fax: 877-602-6618


You can find it here:


I had the same question and ultimately did not need to enter the serial number because I had just purchased a new license to upgrade my existing version to Professional (18.1) and a serial number was sent to me within 12 hours of purchase.
In case you did want to see the serial number of your existing version, here is the location on the right side bar:

Click on: Help > Licenses and Serial Numbers > About > Serial Numbers


Adding page numbers when printing PDF from Google App Engine

I’m printing a PDF from my Google App Engine app and I was wondering if there was a way to add page numbers and/or a header image at the top of my print.


Well, this is simple enough if all you’re going to do is print a PDF to a printer. The documentation for PrintDocument.Print() notes that you can set the paper size, orientation, margins, and header/footer, and you can also get access to the PrintService.AbandonedTemplate property which gives you access to the Page Setup/Print Preview dialog.

serial solidworks electrical options
solidworks electrical serial number


If you are installing a single app, enter the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Serial Number.
If you have more apps, enter them seperately. You will be prompted to add more for each app that you add. You will not be prompted to confirm the additions.


If you have a single serial number for the full suite of applications, then you can save the time of having to enter them each time you do a new install.
If you have more than one serial number of each application, then entering them again for each application is the only option, to ensure that you don’t accidentally get one version of some of the applications when you are installing them.
I wouldn’t recommend using the same serial number for each app – just make sure you have a different serial number for each app, as you will see when you start up the installer.

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