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Displaying Windows titlebar/window decorations on OSX

I’m trying to display the titlebar/window decorations on OSX as described here: and other articles I can find via Google. I can’t seem to find anything about how to accomplish this and I’m wondering if there’s a way to accomplish it. Is there a way to either:
a) Find the native titlebar/window decoration rendering functions and render them in a composited space?
b) Render a window with the native decorations using X11 or other sort of OSX specific API?
Essentially, I’m trying to port an SDL2 application that looks and feels like Windows, except with a Linux/OSS desktop.


I ended up figuring this out. Essentially it came down to using their ‘native OSX’ library and subclassing the native UI classes such as NSTableView and NSWindow.
If anyone does have a better solution, feel free to respond.


Does the use of definite article in sentences change the meaning?

My understanding about the use of definite article (de, den) (i.e. the sentence with definite article) is:

A definite sentence can be perceived as one which strongly sets up the
context. It’s not a doubtable sentence. It’s a settled sentence.

But I also found that sometimes, for example, in this sentence, the use of definite article can change the context/meaning of the sentence to something else.

1) I am thinking about whether to wear my blue shirt or white one.
2) I am thinking about whether to wear my blue shirt or white one.

The different meanings in this example are that in sentence 1, the thinker is a person of her/himself and in sentence 2, the thinker is a person of the others.
How do you explain this? Is it a fixed rule for the use of definite article or not?
If this sentence is meaningful, can the sentence below also be meaningful?

3) I am thinking about whether

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